Team bio

The People Behind The Project

Desmond is the founder and program director of the foundation. Himself a Sierra Leone national, Desmond was able to leverage the power of sport as a youngster to develop as a person and fulfill his human potential. Desmond now is committed to helping the youth of Sierra Leone to do the same.

Ellenoor has been involved with the foundation from the very beginning. She is driven by her desire to help the Sierra Leone youth reach their full potential. She assists with the various projects and she is the treasurer for the foundation.

Alpha is one of the first beneficiaries of the foundation. He has been with SFE since he was a young boy playing football in Makeni. He is now about to finish his law school – with the help of the foundation. He is also the director and program coordinator for the Sierra Leonean branch of Sport For Empowerment.

Agnes has also profited from the foundation as SFE helped her pay for her university fees. She finished her English literature studies and she now works at a secondary school in Makeni. She is also a program coordinator within Makeni and Magburaka. Besides that, she is the spokesperson for our Ebola Orphan Project.

Lulu is our social media expert. He takes pictures and videos and helps with the designing and editing.

Ibrahim and Lovisia have recently been added to the team. They have just started their first year of university – with the help of SFE. In turn, they now coordinate affairs in Makeni.