SFE Spin-off; Ebola Orphan Project

Spin-off project; Ebola Orphan Project

We at Ebola Orphan Project believe everyone has the right to a basic education.

Why action is needed?

The crippling impact that Ebola is having on Sierra Leone is almost unconceivable to the outside world. The loss of human life coupled with the stagnation of the national economy means that a whole generation of students are at risk of being denied a basic education – a result which will have long reaching consequences in the future development of the country. Particularly at risk of being forgotten are the children who have been left orphaned as the disease has claimed the life of their parents and guardians.

How can you help?

You can change a young life by donating EUR 8 per month to Ebola Orphan Project. Your contribution will ensure one Sierra Leonean student is able to pay for their school fees and educational materials (e.g. uniforms, books, writing utensils, etc.).

These orphans are carefully identified by us to make sure we support only the most deprived ones.

For more information contact us on info@sportforempowermentsl.com or use the contact button on the right of this page.

Orphans Makeni