Action Plan

To achieve this ambitious vision we have set ourselves a set of short, medium, and long-term objectives:

Between now and 2024 our efforts will be focused on realising the following objectives:

• Have 2-3 pupils in university
• Support current pupils in successfully passing their end of school exams through schools fees and learning materials
• Build 2-4 class rooms in cooperation with our partner organisation Friends in Sport
• Establish partnership with the relevant authorities such as Youth Commission, Ministry of Education and Sport.

Between 2022 and 2028, we will realise the following objectives:

• Build and equip a resource centre alongside the project’s fields;
• Contribute to the ongoing provision of university support opportunities in Sierra Leone for motivated yet under-privileged youths project participants;
• In collaborations with public and private institutions to provide youths with internships programs and varied work experience opportunities;
• Establish the project within the community, and win the buy-in of parents and community elders.

Beyond 2028, our long-term objectives to realise include:

• Establish our project as a recognised actor in the community as driver of positive, holistic, and sustainable social change;
• Expand the project’s activities throughout the country;
• Encourage project alumni to contribute to the delivery and growth of the project; and
• Ensure the project’s sustainability in every sense.