The People Behind The Project


Desmond is the founder and programme director of the project. Himself a Sierra Leone national, Desmond was able to leverage the power of sport as a youngster to develop as a person and fulfill his human potential. Desmond now is committed to helping the youth of Sierra Leone to do the same.

EllenoorEllenoor has been involved with the project from the very beginning. She is driven by her desire to help the Sierra Leone youth reach their full potential. Prior to starting the Sports for Empowerment project, Ellenoor worked as a physiotherapist in a small hospital in Makeni, that had been set up by a Dutch / Swiss foundation.

Besides Desmond and Ellenoor, there are a number of people involved in the project’s activities. Some people help raise money, some people help set up activities or organise pep talks. Since 2017 the students we sponsor with their higher education are part of the team. These young adults help us run the local activities and they visit the younger children who are part of our programme.