Please read the story below about two of our students. Agnes and Alpha belong to the first set of children of our foundation who started with their higher education.

Both of them are very motivated people, that’s why we sincerely encourage them with their studies. The fees of studying at university are quite high. Therefor we are looking for people who are willing to support these students. You can make a monthly donation or a one-time payment. It is also possible for companies to sponsor. Study costs vary but are usually around  € 600- € 1000,- a year.

Agnes’ story:

My name is Agnes Rugiatu Sesay. I was born in Binkolo Town, a village close to Makeni. I have two brothers and four sisters. My father was a primary school teacher and a farmer. He died on the 6th August 2014. He was the sole provider of the family. My mother was solely dependent to him.

I don’t see farming as a means of transforming my family from its current poor status. I hold the conviction that education will be a means to transform my family and I can be the agent to make that happen.

“I am very passionate to become educated”.

Paying school fees has always been a challenge but even more so when my father died. Despite this, I retook the high school exam (WASSCE) so I would get better grades and be admitted to university. I have asked the paramount chief (head of village) to sponsor me and even without his promise I had already registered for English literature study. I had to go back to the farm to work to earn my school fees.

Then I met someone from SFE. This foundation paid the remaining of my university fees so I could finish my first year. But I still have more years to go. I hope you can help me so that in the end, I can help my family with my study.

Alpha Amadu’s story:

I was born in Makeni but currently live in Freetown. I am a clever boy because I was eight when I took the primary school exams (normally 12) which gave me the opportunity to take the BECE (exam to go to high school) when I was nine. Unfortunately, I could not continu high school straight away as my parents were not able to afford it. After a few years I moved to my aunt and uncle in Freetown and this gave me the opportunity to start high school at my 12th. For four years I was the best of my class and I was “head boy” of the whole school in my last year.

I have always dreamed of studying law. I want to help the less priviliged in my country and I want to fight against corruption in Sierra Leone.

“No matter how educated I am, if i do not study law then I’m still an illiterate”.

In 2015 I took my final high school exams but because I was not satisfied with the results I redid them. With these results I was certain of placement at the university. Unfortunately, the study costs are too high for me and my aunt and uncle. Due to this fact I had to postpone my studies from February ’17 to hopefully October ’17. I really hope someone will support me in making my dream come true.

I want to thank the pioneers of Sport For Empowerment, Desmond and Ellenoor for the great work they have done so far. I have played football with SFE for three years but had to quit as I moved to Freetown. Their foundation has a great impact on the youth in Makeni. As a child right activist I will do my best in promoting your foundation.