Team bio

The People Behind The Project

EllenoorEllenoor has been involved with the project from the very beginning. She is driven by her desire to help the Sierra Leone youth reach their full potential. Prior to starting the Sports for Empowerment project, Ellenoor worked as a physiotherapist in a small hospital in Makeni, that had been set up by a Dutch / Swiss foundation.





Desmond is the founder of the project. Himself a Sierra Leone national, Desmond was able to leverage the power of sport as a youngster to develop as a person and fulfill his human potential. Desmond now is committed to helping the youth of Sierra Leone to do the same.




Alphazo In his role as director, Alphazo is responsible for the day-to-day delivery of the project’s activities on the ground in Sierra Leone. Alphazo brings to the role a wealth of experience in delivering development projects locally , including having acquired more than five years of experience in working with rural communities to promote leadership, community resource mobilisation and gender empowerment.




Moses Besides his daily job as a police officer, Moses is a football trainer who is responsible for the daily running of the training sessions. He is a liaison officer, checking up on the youth, their parents and their schools to make sure everything is going all right. He is responsible for all training materials which are donated to the project.




ShekuSheku is responsible for overseeing the project’s communication strategy, he brings a wealth of real world practical experience to this role. Sheku is also a presenter of a sports programme on radio Maria in Makeni.







Patrick supports the team in its communications and outreach activities in Europe. Patrick draws on his professional experience of advising international organisations in its dealing with government stakeholders.